Circularity at COS

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As part of the fashion community, we are aware of the challenges that are facing our industry today. At COS, we want to be part of the solution, not the problem. To achieve this, we need to maximise our resources, minimise our waste and keep our products and materials in circulation to avoid using up finite resources. This is what we call circularity.

Circular solutions

Thinking beyond the finished product.

At COS, we want to enable our clothes to be kept in use for as long as possible whether that's through restoring imperfect pieces, extending their life through Resell or repurposing fibres to make new garments.

Here are some of the circular solutions we currently have in place.

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Black wool coat
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Beyond new.

To help extend the life of our designs after they have left us, we introduced Resell: an online marketplace for our community to buy and sell pre-loved COS pieces. 

Providing a place dedicated solely to our clothing offers a more direct way for people to find a new home for the pieces that they want to part with, from one COS lover to another.


Beyond one season.

Let the journey of your COS pieces go full circle. 


Caring about the pieces we make goes beyond our stores and atelier; we have to take responsibility for when they leave us, too. That's why we started Full Circle, our complimentary garment-collection service in store for people to pass on their pre-loved COS pieces. 


By offering a service where our designs can be donated back to us, we can find the best way to give them a new life. Whether it's restoring them to be worn again through COS Restore or recycling the fibres into repurposed fabrics for future collections. We are currently exploring solutions on how best to make the most of the fibres for any pieces that are beyond repair. 


We want to provide this service in as many countries as possible, but right now it's only available in selected stores.

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Beyond perfection.

Every second, the equivalent of a rubbish-truck load of clothes is burnt or buried in landfill*. But at COS, we’ve explored new ways to repair, repurpose and reduce our waste, creating a collection made from damaged and imperfect pieces. 


Our Restore project takes pre-loved pieces donated back to us through Full Circle and cleans and repairs them so they can be sold again. To do this, we partner with industry specialists who can help us bring these products back to life. We’re also working on a solution to add designs from our latest collections that are faulty or damaged, too. 


Now available in selected stores in Austria, France, Spain and the Netherlands. 


Beyond our fibres.

Being more resourceful is one of the best things we can do to reduce our waste. We’re exploring ways we can be as efficient as possible with our pattern-cutting techniques, but when we do have fabric leftover, we want to be able to use it again instead of throwing it away. 


Our first repurpose project was with cotton. We took all of the waste-material cuttings from our own production process, broke them down and used the fibres to make a special capsule collection of sweatshirts. That was just the start. Since then, we’ve explored ways to offer even more repurposed fabrics, such as our repurposed wool pieces – crafted from either cutting waste or leftover yarn from the production process. 

At COS, we always prioritise high-grade materials. With their longer fibre lengths, these materials even retain their quality when shredded. This enables us to create long-lasting, repurposed collections.