Designing for circularity

The way we design has been different since day one. Choosing timeless design over passing trends, longevity and quality over throwaway fashion. Every piece that we create is designed in our London atelier by a team of in-house experts. Our collections are developed through several stages of quality checks and trials – nothing leaves our atelier without the approval of our design team. It’s how we’ve built your trust.

Now we’re on a journey to take this one step further by making sure all the products we create are designed for circularity. This means that when they reach the end of their life, they can be passed on to new owners, repaired with ease, or recycled into something new. We want to develop our design process, from the first sketch to the final stitch. Find even better methods, make improvements and enable our products to go full circle.

To create more circular collections, we have three fundamental principles of circularity in mind throughout all our design stages: designing products that can be used more, are made to be made again, and are made from safe and recycled or renewable materials. These are based on the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s definition from Make Fashion Circular.

When it comes to measuring success, we’re introducing a new guideline that scores each product on its circular potential. Our aim is to have all the pieces in our collection designed using the H&M Group’s Circulator Tool for us to achieve our goal.

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