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Better Down: recycled outerwear

Our Better Down outerwear uses recycled materials in both the padding and outer layers, reducing waste and supporting animal welfare. Designed for the outside, made better on the inside.

Down is the perfect outerwear insulator. It’s light, soft and breathable, and its cluster-like structure means pockets of warm air are trapped next to the body – ensuring next-level warmth for every wearer, without the feeling of being weighed down. The problem? Most down is collected using harmful, unethical plucking practices and outer fabrics are made using synthetic fibers that can be harmful to the planet to produce. This is where COS Better Down comes in. To combat these challenges, we’ve created a series of planet friendly puffers that use more sustainable production methods, while maintaining the all thermal benefits of everyone’s favorite winter warmer.


Re:Down® is made from waste feathers and down fibers found in used consumer goods such as clothing, sleeping bags and bedding. Based in Hungary, our supplier collects and sorts a range of used textile products, selecting ones made with high-quality raw materials to be recycled. The fibers are cleaned and sterilized using sustainable and chemical-free production methods, including solar energy and water recycling – where wastewater is turned into clean drinking water.


From the outer-shell fabrics to inner linings and technical details like storm flaps and sleeve cuffs, all our Better Down pieces are crafted using either recycled polyamide or recycled polyester – which is made from old plastic bottles.


Less chemicals, more warmth. Our water repellent coatings are created without the use of harmful C0 and PFC chemicals, which are difficult to break down when released into the environment. We have also introduced dope-free dying, which uses less water and emits fewer gases than conventional dying methods.

Designed for the outside, made better on the inside.

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