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Better Looks Beyond

Our commitment to creating a more sustainable world: now and in the future.

At COS, our design ethos has always put enduring style and quality first. From reaching 95% more sustainably sourced materials in our collection to circular initiatives like COS Resell and Full Circle, we have made huge progress so far. But that's not enough. We can do more. Read on to find out how we plan to create a more sustainable world for our products, stores, suppliers and customers.




By applying a science-based approach to our work, we can set the best roadmap possible to drive positive change. To help us reach this goal, we focus on three key areas together with the H&M Group:




Halving greenhouse gas (GHG, CO2e) emissions by 56% by 2030**.


100% recycled or reusable packing by 2025.


Reuse, repair or recycle store products and materials by