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How to wash and care for merino wool

• Merino doesn’t need to be washed after every wear, as the wool is naturally antibacterial and odor-resistant. Hang garments to air between wears instead.

• To wash merino wool, machine wash at a warm setting with a low spin.

• Using a wool detergent will help merino last longer. Avoid using fabric softener, which coats the fibers and make them less breathable.

• Hang merino wool to air dry and reshape while damp. The heat from tumble driers can cause fibers to shrink.

• Pilling will occur naturally with wear. This can be easily remedied with use of a pilling comb or a fabric shaver.

• Don’t forget to protect your merino from moths!

The benefits of merino:

Merino is a wool that comes from the Merino sheep, an ancient breed that survives harsh winters and warm summers thanks to its cozy fleece. The fibers have a wavelike structure which makes them resilient and allows merino garments to maintain their shape. Merino is lighter than other wools yet still warm, making it an ideal layer.

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