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Love for all

A celebration of love without boundaries.

Celebrate Global Pride Month with our limited-edition T-shirt capsule, designed in collaboration with creators from the LGBTQIA+ community. 100% of the profits from the sales of each piece will be donated to The Trevor Project.




‘We as a species like shiny things, so I package some of the issues I care about in things that people want to look at.’

Based in New York City, Zipeng Zhu is an artist and creative director whose eye-catching work has been exhibited all over the world from Barcelona to Mumbai. Zipeng’s T-shirt features a smiley LOVE embroidered emblem with the shades of the rainbow flag.




‘I wrote Oh, to be a rainbow because I wanted my own version of a gay anthem.’

SOKO is a musician and award-winning actor. In her work, she uses the soft power of music, videos and film to showcase non-cis-het forms of love. Her T-shirt design features an Oh, To Be a Rainbow! embroidered motif, inspired by her song of the same name.




‘Trans is not a Gen-Z buzzword. It’s an identity.’

Kai-Isaiah Jamal is a performance poet, model and trans-visibility campaigner. Based in London, their work focuses on the narratives of the trans/queer Black community. Kai-Isaiah’s T-shirt features a poem that puts language to experiences that can be hard to express, written exclusively for the COS Love For All capsule.




The photographer and artist talks about how her work sets out to disrupt and provoke.

This collection is currently available to shop online and in selected stores. To check the availability in your local store, please contact them before your visit using the details on our store locator.

Join us in supporting The Trevor Project’s life-changing work: please donate if you can and follow on Instagram for more information.

Photography by Collier Schorr 

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