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COS Full Circle


Beyond one season


Caring about the pieces we make goes beyond our stores and atelier, we want to take responsibility for when they leave us too.


That's why we started COS Full Circle, our complimentary garment collection service that’s both easy to use and a more sustainable way for you to pass on your pre-loved COS pieces.

By donating them back to us, we’ll find the best way to give them a new life – whether it's restoring them to be worn again or recycling the fibres into repurposed fabrics for future collections. We are currently exploring solutions on how best to make the most of the fibres for any pieces that are beyond repair.


Let the journey of your COS pieces go full circle.


We’ll carefully clean and repair restorable pieces to give them a new life, reducing the impact on the environment. When ready, they’ll be available to shop in selected stores at a reduced price.


Pre-loved items made from fibres like cotton and wool will be broken down to fibre level and respun into newly repurposed COS pieces.

Everything else will be turned into other products or fibres with the help of our recycling partner.

By using this service, you’ll be helping us reduce our impact on the planet by extending the life of our designs and saving them from going into landfill. So, as our way of saying thank you, we’ll give you a 10% off voucher for every piece you drop off. Each voucher you receive can be used on an item of your choice in your next purchase with us*.

How and where


Simply drop off your pre-loved garments with a member of staff at one of our in-store collection points and our team will do the rest.

We can only accept pieces that have been made by us – this is so we know how to take care of them correctly and that the fabrics will be a high enough quality for us to repurpose to the standard we're known for. Please note, we’re currently not taking any accessories such as jewellery, hats, scarves, gloves, bags, shoes, socks or underwear.

Our aim is to provide this service in as many COS stores as we can, but right now you can find collection points in the following countries:



Czech Republic



















United Kingdom

If you’d like to find the most up-to-date information about your local store, please visit our store locator.

Terms and conditions

*The 10% voucher is valid on one garment of your choice with instore purchases only. For every item you donate, you’ll will receive one voucher e.g. if you bring in three T-shirts, you will receive three 10% off vouchers. Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional voucher or on the purchase of gift cards.

Better Looks Beyond. Beyond a season, a trend, a moment, to a more sustainable world.

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