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Beyond the now

Better choices come from thinking about our long-term impact on the planet. This means reducing our
emissions and using fewer resources in everything we do. We believe that our choices, our wardrobes and our
lives can do more with less.

Our goal at H&M Group is to reduce our emissions* by 56%**
by 2030 and achieve net zero by 2040.

Creating our collections
How we produce with the planet in mind. Find out more about our vision to reduce our
impact and the ways we are doing this right now.




Take a closer look at the goals we’re working towards and the key areas we’re focusing on to achieve our ambitions.



A tried-and-tested method we’re using to measure the potential environmental impact of a product throughout all its stages, from the raw materials to the finished piece.

Our process
From the bricks of our buildings to the ways we package our products, we think beyond our
collections to create the innovative, the surprising and the enduring.




Better choices come from taking responsibility for the places we touch. We think beyond walls to reinvent the definition of our spaces, with a focus on more circular design.



We’ve redesigned our packaging using fully recyclable materials. Our number one priority is reducing the volume of materials used, and we’ve already significantly decreased the amount of COS packaging you receive with each order. 

Shared responsibility
Better choices come from thinking beyond the finished piece. We know that to make our
resources last longer, we have to look beyond ‘new’. That’s why we’ve introduced solutions to empower our community to make more informed choices when our pieces have left us.




From caring for cashmere to looking after leather, here we share tips on how to make your pieces last as long as they were designed to.



From COS Resell to our Repurpose projects, see what we have introduced so far to extend the life of our products after they have left us.

*Scope 1, 2, 3
**Based on a 2019 baseline


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