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Select your country from the list below to see all delivery information.

Free delivery over 100€/£90/CHF 230/990 SEK/1000 NOK/780 DKK

What Delivery Locations Can I choose?
We offer several delivery options depending on your location. For full details select your country in the list below.
Enter your preferred delivery address at the checkout or select a convenient parcel shop. If someone picks up a parcel on your behalf, they must bring your ID, the pick-up code, and their own ID.

Track Your Order
Once your order is shipped, we will send you a shipment confirmation email with a tracking link. You can also track it under ‘Orders’ when you log in to My Account.

Delivery Restrictions
Items ordered can only be delivered to persons 18 years or older, with an address in your selected country. Delivery location exclusions are listed below.

Undeliverable Parcels
If your order cannot be delivered it will be returned to COS.

Ordering From Abroad
To order whilst abroad, visit the COS website of the country you are in and provide a local delivery address at checkout.