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Why do we use your personal data?
In order to comply with certain legal obligations, we are compelled to process personal data on our customers. Such obligations may vary from country to country stipulated in for example tax, accounting and book-keeping legislations.

How do we use your personal data?
What type of relevant data and other means of processing are generally stipulated by the applicable law. We use your personal data to collect and verify accounting data to comply with our book-keeping rules. For this objective we keep your name, contact details, order and transaction information.

Who has access to your personal data?
Your data will be shared within the H&M Group. Data that is forwarded to third parties, is only used to carry out certain tasks for this purpose on our behalf, such as providers of book-keeping system solutions.

Except as explicitly stated herein, we never pass on, sell or swap your data to any third parties.

What is the legal ground to process your personal data?
The processing of your personal data is necessary for COS to fulfil the legal obligation of the country of operation.

How long do we keep your data?
We will save your transaction data for a period of 7 years or in compliance with applicable tax and accounting legislation.