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You’ll find our store on a vibrant corner, inside a palazzo that’s nestled among the criss-crossing streets of Florence. The building was erected on top of former Renaissance mansions in 1613 by Robert Dudley – the Earl of Northumberland who took refuge in the ancient city.

Over centuries, the grand residence was passed from generation to generation until it reached the possession of an embroidery trader called Francesco Navone in 1912, who installed the dual portal and ornate balcony.

Even today, many of the old features remain. From its enchanting tabernacle to the vast wooden cassette ceilings, clues to a compelling history surround our collection. And if you look up into the balcony from the busy street, you’ll see the inscription F. Navone on the façade – a memory from a past life, engraved in the architecture.

Visit the store at:

Via Della Spada
50123 Florence

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