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We purchase our products from around 60 suppliers, which are located in Europe and Asia.

Supplier Requirements

We want our products to be manufactured under good working conditions. This is why we have a code of conduct. Our code is based on ILO's core conventions and the Convention on the Rights of the Child, and includes the following supplier requirements:
- compliance with local labour law
- statutory pay and working hours
- the right to organise and bargain collectively
- a ban on child labour
- a ban on discrimination
- a ban on forced labour
- health and safety in the workplace
- compliance with local environmental legislation

All suppliers of garments and other products that bear the COS brand commit to our code of conduct. When our suppliers sign our code of conduct, they also agree to undergoing audits that serve to assess their compliance with the code. This means that we may conduct announced or unannounced audits at any time.

All products sold under the COS brand name are covered by our code of conduct. For products in limited quantity sold under other brand names, exceptions may apply.

Monitoring Code of Conduct

At the outset of a supplier relationship, we carry out an extensive audit. The aim is to obtain as accurate a picture as possible of social and environmental practices and conditions. The audit includes over 300 questions and each audit takes two to six working days to complete. During the audit the auditors inspect the plant, go through employment contracts, timesheets, payroll reports and other documentation as well as talk to factory employees and management. After each audit the results are discussed with the supplier. The supplier is then given a certain period in which to draw up a plan for remedying any deficiencies. The implementation of such measures is followed up by the auditors.

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