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Our latest styles demand attention


Statement shapes


These are the trousers to note


The dress refresh


Featuring bold prints and flowing fabrics


Finishing touches


Add finesse with considered accessories


New season shirting


The ultimate wardrobe essential, elevated


The party line


Styles to sway, sweep and soirée

This season’s highlights

€ 79,00 
€ 175,00 
€ 89,00 
€ 39,00 
Online exclusive


COS ✕ Anatol Knotek


A new and exclusive collection featuring printed poetry by poet Anatol Knotek


Better looks beyond


Beyond a season, a trend, a moment, to a more sustainable world. Discover a destination dedicated to progress.


COS by you


There are many ways to wear COS: whether it’s for work, weekends or time spent away. How do you style our collection?