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The climate crisis impacts everything, including fashion. In 2018, the global fashion industry was responsible for around 2.1 billion tonnes of emissions*. Being a responsible brand, now is when we need to make a difference.

At COS, we’re not just making changes to what we do, but also how we do it. We want to drive change for our whole industry. To make the things we love last longer, we need to push beyond our boundaries so that we’re staying within the boundaries of our planet while using fewer resources.

Together with the H&M Group, we are committed to halving our greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e) with 56% by 2030**. We know this will not happen overnight for a company of our size, but we are committed to achieving this goal.

These ambitions are not new to us. We’ve been working towards them for many years, especially by improving the way we create our collections. We know that the biggest impact takes place in relation to raw materials and production, which is why we work closely with our suppliers to identify better solutions in the manufacturing process.

To reduce our impact on the environment, we’re focusing our climate work in three key areas, outlined below.
Save more. Use less.

As our brand gets bigger, we want to maximise our energy efficiency. This means reducing the energy needed to create our collections, from how the materials are made to the manufacturing of garments by our suppliers. It goes beyond our collections too. We’re also looking at ways we can reduce energy in the running of our own operations, such as in our stores and offices.
A new generation.

While pushing toward our goal of sourcing 100% renewable electricity for own operations (COS stores and offices), we are also increasing the quality of our electricity through power purchase agreements – a long-term contract with energy producers to secure that additional renewable electricity is added to the electric grid.

By 2030, we aim for all the electricity we use to come from renewable resources that can be replenished easily. By choosing renewable electricity over fossil-based electricity, we can significantly decrease the number of emissions we emit.

The group also have a 2030 goal of having 100% of the electricity used by our suppliers should come from renewable sources. This will have a significant impact on our total emissions.
Over 95% of the electricity we source for our own operations is renewable. Our ambition is to reach 100% by 2030.
Electrification: powered for progress

By supporting our suppliers to electrify the processes used within their factories, we aim to minimize the usage of and transition away from usage of onsite heat generation using fossil fuel.
All our COS garment manufacturers are now free from on-site coal-based solutions for their energy production.
*Fashion on climate, McKinsey & GFA. Read the full report here.
**Based on 2019 baseline.

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