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Our suppliers
At COS, building and nurturing relationships with our skilled suppliers and colleagues throughout our production network is what the brand was built on.

Our collections are the result of collaborations with around 100 partners across Europe and Asia – many of whom we’ve been working with since our launch in 2007. From our denim specialists in Türkiye to our expert manufactures in Portugal, Romania and China—they are part of the COS family and share our values of quality, sustainability and innovation.

Working with such a diverse range of partners opens us up to a breadth of expertise, whether that be small suppliers specialising in traditional techniques or larger-scale factories with a focus on new technologies.

We aim to continue to strengthen the relationships with each partner to work together to develop better ways of creating our products that reduce our impact.

Whatever we do, it is our commitment – our promise – to show you the whole story...

This is just the start.

Here is a list of our current suppliers. This information covers pieces produced over the course of the past three seasons. It is correct as of January 2024.

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