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We support the causes close to our hearts through specially designed capsule collections
and designer collaborations, created in partnership with our inspiring and diverse


COS × Pride


As part of our ongoing celebrations for Global Pride Month, we’ve created a series of limited-edition capsules in support of LGBTQIA+ charities. From exclusive T-shirt collections with club collectives Sink The Pink, Churros con Chocolate, Horse Meat Disco and House of Yes, artist Coco Capitán, musician and actor, SOKO, performance poet and trans-visibility campaigner, Kai-Isaiah Jamal, and artist, Zipeng Zhu, to a special-edition repurposed cotton tote printed with the colours of the Progress flag.


COS × Begg × CO


The Scottish cashmere specialists have been weaving winter warmers since 1866. In 2022, they created two responsibly made blankets for COS, rooted in circular design and inspired by a heritage rich in local tradition.


COS × Mati Ventrillon


We partnered with knitwear designer Mati Ventrillon to create a new take on the traditional Fair Isle pattern, crafted from responsibly sourced wool. Based in Fair Isle, Mati combines the time-honoured techniques of the island with a modern design approach.

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