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From us, to you: COS Resell

Meet the creators behind COS’ dedicated second-hand marketplace. They share its journey so far, what’s next, plus the stories behind the pieces they’re buying and selling.

‘We knew that creating long-lasting designs simply wasn’t enough. There needed to be a way we could empower our community to keep COS pieces living after they’ve left us.’

When it comes to enduring style, COS collections stand the test of time. By daring to design beyond the season, favouring timeless pieces over throwaway fashion, the brand has united followers from all around the world – who, together, are disrupting the way we buy clothes today. Now they’re taking longevity to the next level with an innovative second-hand marketplace dedicated to their community.

Resell is the result of a cross collaboration at COS. At the heart of it are the sustainability team’s Anna Karlstrom, Marie-Soleil Verville Allard from digital marketing and Lise Hasselgaard who specialises in business growth. Together, they witnessed the evolution of COS Resell from a casual conversation about wardrobe clear-outs, through to its launch – against all odds – during a global pandemic. We caught up with Anna to recount the journey, while Lise and Marie share how they’ve been enjoying the new platform so far…

‘The project began as a simple conversation: what do you keep when having a wardrobe clear-out? For us, the discussion would always include our COS pieces. They’re made with such high quality and a sense of timelessness that they always remain relevant, season after season. It’s almost like they’re designed with an inherent second life – which makes them perfect for passing on when you’re ready to part ways. And so, the idea of COS Resell was born.’

‘Resell was also an opportunity for us to give back to our community, while reducing our impact on the environment. We knew that creating long-lasting designs simply wasn’t enough. There needed to be a way we could empower people to keep COS pieces living after they’ve left us – so that their investment could be justified further, and we could close the loop by ensuring our designs go full circle.’

‘We were all united in creating something we knew our community would use – but it had to be a new experience. There was no rule book, blueprint, or model from other brands to go off. We just had to take the plunge – trying, failing, and learning as we went along until we hit something special.’

‘Launching during a global pandemic had its difficulties too – but we knew there was no better time to bring something special to our community and mark the beginning of an exciting new chapter for COS.’

‘Our first goal was to see if Resell was something our community would enjoy by piloting it in the UK and Germany – and it’s exceeded our expectations. The way it's been used has been so inspiring – some people are even photographing products on their own mannequins!’

‘The next step is to launch it in as many countries around the world as possible, to bring our community closer and create a bigger impact.’

‘Shopping second-hand is no longer just about finding one-of-a-kind styles or saving money. By actively choosing to buy preloved pieces, customers are rebelling against the damage throwaway culture is doing to our planet. It’s like they’re using their wallet to vote for the future they want.’

‘Resell is just one step in becoming an even more sustainable brand – but there’s a lot more to do. We now need to remain leaders in finding innovative ways we can reduce, reuse and recycle to propel COS forward into a new – and better – era.’


LISE HASSELGAARD, COS global growth project manager and seasoned reseller.

Tell us what you love about a piece you’ve sold?
‘I recently sold a jumper. I love the unique scuba fabric and how versatile the piece is – it can be dressed up or down depending on mood or occasion!’

What’s your favourite memory in this piece?
‘I wore it to a dinner during winter in Chicago back in 2019. It kept me warm on the snowy walk to the restaurant, but I didn’t overheat when wearing it once inside.’

Why is time for you to let go of this piece?
‘I did an autumn wardrobe clear-out and found this jumper was still in excellent condition. It was hard to part ways, but I love that it now has a new home and a fresh start.’

MARIE-SOLEIL VERVILLE ALLARD, COS digital project manager and serial second-hand shopper.

Is there a specific piece from any of the COS collections you’re hoping to find on Resell?
‘A black wool dress with yellow speckles. It used to be one of my favourites – until I lost it to some pesky moths...’

What is your favourite thing about shopping preloved COS?
‘I love the idea of giving clothes a second life. Not only is it a more sustainable way to shop, but you can save money on quality high-price items, like a cashmere jumper or dress.’

Your tips for any first time Resell buyers…
‘Check the condition so you know exactly what you’re buying. If you want something as good as new, look for ones marked as excellent condition or – even better – new with tags.’

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