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COS Denim: Better looks beyond

At COS, we're on a mission to look beyond today, to create a collection for the future. Our new denim collection is our best yet. Built for a better beyond – featuring 100% organic and recycled designs.

Beyond a season, a trend, a moment to a more sustainable world.

Find out how much energy, water and CO2 emissions we’ve saved by using better production methods this season.

Here at COS, we’re constantly seeking innovative solutions to create our collections with less of an impact on the planet.

One of our solutions is using a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Through this, we’re able to analyse our production methods and make better choices based on the results.

A Life Cycle Assessment measures the potential environmental impact of a product throughout all its stages, from the raw materials it uses to the end of its life. The results are calculated using the latest SimaPro technology and verified by an independent panel of LCA experts.

This season, we continued to develop how we usually make our denim pieces — from the way the cotton was grown, to the means in which each piece was crafted and transported. By using the LCA, we were able to accurately compare the environmental impact of using more sustainably sourced fabrics and better production techniques with how we have made them previously. Since the data is measured season on season, the numbers above will change over time. It’s important to us that we provide you with the most up-to-date information, which is why these figures will be updated to reflect our current collections.

Sharing the environmental impact of our denim collection is just another step in our journey towards becoming a fully transparent, responsible brand in all parts of our business – find out more about our progress so far here.

Now it’s your turn. By caring for your denim pieces in the right way, you can also help create less of an impact on the environment. Whether it’s extending their life by washing less frequently and repairing them as you go, or by passing on your pieces mindfully after use by recycling and through secondhand platforms, such as COS Resell. Read our Care Guide for more tips on how to make your denim last as long as it was designed to.


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