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Perfect easy city style with the COS Summer 2023 collection. Loose shapes and light fabrics work whatever your summer has in store, from weekend breaks to the urban commute.


A key element to the COS Summer 2023 collection, our linen is perfect for hot weather thanks to its high quality, cool feel and unstructured nature. Ideal for paring down classic tailoring or adding alternative texture to elevated T-shirts.


Knits aren’t just for winter. Embrace the transition from cool weather to the height of summer in a solid in-between option before temperatures soar. A handy way of varying your wardrobe – particularly when combined with linen – uniform, tactile panels add texture.


Breathable twill and easy-going linen are mainstays of a summer collection that will last long after August’s over. Tailoring never loses its appeal and with muted, neutral colours, styling is easy. Don’t be shy to mix and match shades – neutrals like beige, navy and white work well together, creating consistently sharp looks.


A fresh take on a mid-century classic, the camp-collar shirt is boldly directional. Equal parts boxy and loose, the French Riviera feel lends ease, whether you’re on the coast or feeling the heat on the city commute.

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Summer in the city


Introducing the COS Summer 2023 collection for effortless style in the city


Materials that matter: Regenerative Organic Certified® Cotton


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