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New season: the next chapter

Introducing an understated wardrobe of exceptional elements: a collection composed of indulgent layers and refined tailoring


A blend of formal and informal. Tailored shirts, trousers and trench coats evolve through details of utility, lending purpose to established pieces, where practicality leads a new season of separates cut for the cold.


A perennial style is remastered through meticulous cuts, lending an elevated air. Refined, enriched – denim is the centrepiece of layered winter outfits.


Classic pieces are reimagined with distinctive details: texture, pattern and fluidity renew signature knits without waiving classicism of design. A purposeful collection underscored by the richness of extraordinary wool and cashmere yarns, where each design elevates.


Utilitarianism shifts tailoring codes through useful details – low seats, elasticated waists and lighter fabrics lend focus to comfort. A collection of base pieces, where codes of utility are borrowed to bring ease to winter styling.

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The next chapter


The prelude to the next season. A refined collection composed of understated elements and timeless codes