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The Life Cycle Assessment

Here at COS, we’re constantly seeking innovative solutions to guide the way we create our collections.

One of our solutions is using a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Through this tried-and-tested method, we’re able to analyse our production processes to make informed changes and measure our journey towards our sustainability ambitions.

A Life Cycle Assessment measures the water, energy and greenhouse gas emissions used to create a product by tracing its journey, from the raw material extraction to the end of the production process. The results are calculated using the latest technology and verified by an independent panel of LCA experts.

As we change our methods, we can compare the impact of our collections using LCA data with how we have made them previously. Right now, we’re taking a season-by-season approach. This means our design and buying team can use the data to adjust how our collections are made.

Here are the results from our previous Life Cycle Assessment of our essential T-shirt styles. This data was taken from February to May 2022.

We used 29% less energy by choosing more renewable resources.

We saved 67% fresh water by using organic or recycled fibres and less polluting chemicals.

We produced 55% less greenhouse gas emissions through more efficient energy and steam usage.

For these results, we used three different styles as a benchmark from our 2016, 2017 and 2018 collections. The styles varied so we could measure different aspects of the design, such as the dyeing methods used to colour the T-shirts.

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