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Beyond one season

The COS collection is built on a foundation of quality and longevity. But to make the products we love last beyond one season, we have to go beyond what we create to educate and empower our community. That’s why we are committed to becoming a more circular brand in everything we do – from designing with more sustainably sourced materials to developing ways to extend the life of our products after they’ve left us.

95% of our materials are more sustainably sourced.

Our materials
Fashion for the future. We look beyond the immediate to invest in innovative new materials.


From organic cotton to recycled cashmere, see what we are currently using in our collection and what makes our products more sustainable.


To increase our use of more sustainably sourced materials, we use the COS Material Benchmark, which categorises them by their environmental and social impact.

Circularity at COS

Better products come from pushing beyond just sustainable materials. We design our clothes so they can be given a new life after wear and explore innovative solutions to help keep our products in use for longer.


From COS Resell to our Repurpose project, see what we have introduced so far to extend the life of our products after they have left us.


At COS, circularity means maximising our resources to minimise our waste in everything we create – from our collections to the interiors of our stores.


We aim to have all our products designed for circularity, so we want to make every step count in the lifecycle of all our products.

Product care

We believe the simple act of making your clothes last can have a huge difference on the environment. By buying less – and better – you’ll help save more of the resources needed to make them. From caring for cashmere to looking after leather, discover tips on how to make your pieces last as long as they were designed to.

Discover Sustainability at COS