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Raise your voice! At COS, we're proud to share our platform with our community with the aim
of raising awareness and driving change. From activist Janaya Future Khan to actors Jodie
Turner-Smith and Greta Lee, meet the inspiring creators and innovators of today with a new
view of tomorrow.

Paloma Elsesser on community and connection

The NYC-based model Paloma Elsesser on heroes, finding connection and using her platform to imagine new futures.

Greta Lee on writing her own story

‘It's not enough just to be represented. The work doesn't end there’: The actor and writer talks representation, equality and the burden of racial inequality to creativity.

Honey Dijon on gender and sexual liberation

The Chicago-born, Berlin-based international DJ on club culture style, embracing her queer and how every day is International Women's Day.

Kai-Isaiah Jamal on Pride as protest

The poet, model and campaigner on how being trans should be celebrated as a superpower.

SOKO on the modern family

The indie French musician and actor opens up about motherhood, queer love and the need to fight for trans kids’ rights.

Zipeng Zhu on a bolder, brighter Pride

The NYC artist talks inclusive community and moving towards a more defiant Pride.

Coco Capitán on poetry and Pride

Read our interview with Coco Capitán: the artist talks about the evolution of gender and sexuality – and what it means to be part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Jodie Turner-Smith on the future of equality

Meet Jodie Turner-Smith: the actor using her roles, and her voice, to change the world.

Janaya Future Khan on the future of sustainability

The endlessly inspiring Black, queer, non-binary activist and social-justice educator tells of the importance of telling the truth and rethinking the future of sustainability.

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