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Beyond us

Better choices come from thinking about more than just ourselves. From long-standing supplier relationships
and charity partnerships to empowering our people, we’re passionate about choosing what is best for our
wider community, not just our company. At COS, we have dedicated teams promoting sustainability around
the world, working closely to improve local wages and help make the switch to renewable energy and much more.
Our mission? To drive equality and opportunity for all.

We believe in fair and equal treatment for all.

Our suppliers
We want every person we work with at COS to experience a safe, fair and equal working
environment. Since we launched, we have been building relationships with our expert
suppliers who share our values of quality, sustainability and innovation.




From our denim specialists in Türkiye and cotton growers in India to our manufacturers in Portugal and Romania, get to know the COS family.




We collaborate with factory owners, local organisations and garment makers to ensure employees are treated fairly and sustainable business practices are followed.

Our partnerships and collaborations
Beyond expectations. We drive positive change by investing our time and resources to make a measurable impact in the communities we touch.



We use our platform to amplify the voices from
our inspiring and diverse community, working with
pioneering individuals and activists who stand up for
what they believe in.

‘There's not one way to be a woman, there's not one way to be feminine.’
– Honey Dijon



From Kaleidoscope Foundation to Housing Works, we have fostered long-lasting relationships with likeminded charitable organisations who we support year after year.

We supported over 24 different charity organisations in 2023.



Through exclusive products and designer collaborations, we support the causes close to our hearts – from Pride to International Women’s Day.

‘It can be very healing to be in a space that invites you to be who you are.’
– House of Yes

Inclusion and diversity
We are committed to implementing a long-term plan to make our brand more inclusive and diverse for our customers, colleagues and community – and we’re not going to stop standing together until better is done.




Empower and unite for a better future. Discover our mission to celebrate diversity, individuality and encourage open conversation.




From our policies and partners to learning opportunities, find out more about our commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Discover Sustainability at COS