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The Life Cycle Assessment

Here at COS, we’re constantly seeking innovative solutions to create our collections with less of an impact on the planet.

One of our solutions is using a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Through this tried-and-tested method, we’re able to analyse our production processes and make better choices based on the results.

A Life Cycle Assessment measures the potential environmental impact of a product by tracing its journey, from the first stitch to the final stages of its life. The results are calculated using the latest technology and verified by an independent panel of LCA experts.

As we start to use more sustainably sourced fabrics and better production processes, we can compare the impact using LCA data with how we have made them previously using more conventional methods. Right now, we’re taking a season-by-season approach. This means our design and buying team can use the data to make the adjustments required so that the next collection is even better.

Sharing the environmental impact of our collections is just another step in our journey towards becoming a fully transparent, responsible brand in all parts of our business – find out more about our progress so far here.