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Measuring success

We believe better choices come from thinking about more than the materials we use. If we are to reach our goal of 100% sustainably sourced materials by 2025, we need to use the right tools to measure our progress too. That’s why we use the Material Environmental Benchmark set by the H&M Group. This framework helps us score each fabric we use based on how beneficial they are to the environment.

The benchmark uses certified methodologies to investigate the key areas of environmental impact, such as global warming and water scarcity. We then incorporate other areas that are important to us – from animal welfare and land management to the way our products are disposed of after use.

Through using these third-party and verified methods, we can make sure our data is aligned across the industry – making it easier for our customers to make better choices and follow our progress towards 100% sustainably sourced materials by 2025.

Once we have a better understanding of each fabric, they are placed into four different categories.